• Hanna Reba Williams

5 Creative Campaigns For Everyone

A delayed welcome to 2018! For those of you (like myself) who have just realised January zoomed by and are still putting together their “New year. New me”, I’ve put together my years worth of creative challenges.

Every year I notice these social creative campaigns 1 to 2 weeks in and think “Oh, I’m too late to start”. Not this year! I’m ready. Prepared. The best version of myself (until 2019). So, whether you’re a creative type or just enjoy challenging yourself, these are my personal favourites from throughout the year. Get your creative mind going, experiment and show the world!

36 days of type - date TBD (Last years: March)

My immediate favourite. I love typography and every year, day-by-day I see these beautiful letter illustrations (and animations) pop up on my Instagram. I’ve usually missed the start and end up not getting involved. Some of the pure creativity that flows through this challenge is amazing. Too mention a few of my favourites from 2017:




Inktober - October

Probably the most popular and well known of the monthly creative challenges. Helped by its obviously awesome name. If I’m honest I had a crack at this last year, while learning nib and ink calligraphy. I fell behind on my dailys and eventually fell off the inktober wagon. This year is my redemption! I love the mix of amazing typography, beautiful illustrations and tattoo designs that come out through Inktober. Also, if you’re like me and love a bit of black and white only, this is your spot.

Sketchtember - September

Probably self-explanatory… a sketch a day, every day, throughout September. No restrictions on medium, style or topic. Just remember to be creative however and wherever you want once a day!

30 characters - November

I love the sound of this one, especially as I incorporate animation into my new year's resolution list.I might manage to bring some of my #30Characters to life. Again, another I’ve not had the chance to participate in. But, if you do follow my Instagram you may see I do but often find myself drawing little, unusual characters anyway. I’ll definitely be checking back in November for this one.

PhoFeb - February

Prepare yourselves, the legendary PhoFeb is upon us! Ok, so perhaps I made the name myself. I’ve actually downsized the grand 365 Challenge (the mumma bear of all photography challenges) to one month because with all these glorious other challenges on my list I just can’t do the 365, so, get involved in this 28 day challenge! As simple as it sounds - take one photo everyday through February #PhoFeb. Anything and everything that catches your eye!


I hope you dust off your pens, pencils and digital tools and get involved this year in some of these amazing challenges!


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